Hey guys, welcome to my story… I’m the founder and CEO of the Improve Your Future Group. Over the past 4 years the IYF group have been working towards their long term goal of changing the way we learn online. Our first platform, IYF Trading LTD ( launched in early 2018 and has since recorded over £500,000 in revenue. We have since expanded, creating an online educational platform for stock trading, and we are currently working on further educational platforms to expand the Improve Your Future brand now our platforms and technologies have been fully developed.



I tend to be very active on my social media profiles, in particular; Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube.  On my instagram and Linkedin profiles, I post daily business tips, motivational quotes & business lessons. I use Youtube to express more thought out content and educational content, this is also where I post known series such as my podcasts and ‘Life as a young entrepreneur’ series. Between my social platforms, you can pick up loads of value for free, so make sure you’ve hit the follow / subscribe button!


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