Why I’m an advocate for making the retail trading industry great again…


I’m the founder and CEO of the Improve Your Future Group. Over the past 4 years the IYF group have been working towards their long term goal of changing the way we learn online. Our first platform, IYF Trading LTD (www.iyftrading.com) launched in early 2018 and has since gained over 2000 budding traders. We have since expanded, creating an online educational platform for stock trading, and we are currently working on further educational platforms to expand the Improve Your Future brand now our platforms and technologies have been fully developed. One of the main reasons I started investing all of my time and energy into IYF was because I spotted a huge opportunity to create a credible product in an industry that was becoming more and more sceptile by the day, I could see the retail trading industry becoming the home for con artists, which as time developed, proved to be true. It’s safe to say that the 4 years of utter determination & energy is finally paying off…


In short, the retail trading industry is essentially home traders, investing personal funds. The industry expands across products directed at the everyday investor, to educational materials financially educate individuals outside of the institutional space. Trading / investing online is an amazing opportunity, as it allows individuals to build greater returns than traditional investment products. Despite all of the opportunities the industry provides, its fair to say that the retail trading industry has been a home for con artists in recent years. I’m not alone when I say that I’m sick of trading being sold via materialism and lifestyle, right? You know the ‘follow my signals you’ll make £200 a day’ whilst posing in front of a strapped up c63 outside the neighbours house. 


This example leads me nicely into my next point, the current issues within the retail trading industry! The retail trading craze really started growing as of 2010+, as many individuals looked to boost their financial knowledge and hopefully brighten their financial future. As mentioned before, the market has been treated as a home for con artists, whether it’s the guys like the example above offering to share their ‘signals’ with you, or more unique scams that have started to surface such as offshore account management to get around the so called expert trader having to be regulated. These issues have been going on for sometime now, and new scams are emerging everyday, taking advantage of unsuspecting clients who risk & lose their hard earned cash and savings! Therefore, I have become a strong advocate for the retail trading industry to help put these issues right. 


By being an advocate for this industry, I’ll be educating the market on how to spot and avoid scams, helping this issue get the exposure and PR it deserves, and of course battling hard to fix these problems with innovative technology and platforms, because after all, entrepreneurs are just very good problem solvers!


For 2020, I have a few trump cards up my sleeve to fix this industry once and for all, let me explain these concepts below. 


For the past 6 months I have been working on developing a level playing field for the retail trading industry, ‘Trading Mentor Online’. Trading Mentor Online’s platform allows retail traders to choose their mentor based on; years experience, language, star rating, trading speciality & price. Trading Mentor Online has recently just received provisional patent approval for an ‘educational marketplace’ which is a huge statement for this platform to go live with. Our ambition & aim is for all trading educators who wish to be verified as a provider, to display their product offering through our platform so we can vet them and ensure their claims are correct. Anyway, the TMO platform will be released at the end of Q1 2020, get ready!


And now the second project I’m working on to help spread awareness of this issue & educate potential consumers on how to avoid being scammed in future…


So, I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be working with the MailOnline to raise awareness for the retail trading industry via the largest news platform in the UK. 

I’ll be providing my expert opinion for the MailOnline on this topic, giving my thoughts on the industry in general to tail off the articles they produce based on reported case studies. Thus far we have released two articles giving different angles on different types of trading scams.


I’ve been an advocate for making the online retail trading industry great again since the point I founded IYF Trading 4 years ago, and I can honestly say that it’s our time to shine now. 


Trading online and taking control of your own investments still stands as an amazing opportunity for individuals in our generation, it’s just a shame that so many individuals have taken advantage of the opportunity by scamming unsuspecting clients with unrealistic yet very appetising returns. 


I set out with the vision to bring a credible product to a sceptical market 4 years ago, I’ve sacrificed everything for this cause – Family, friends, my university degree, you name it… You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve been frustrated, putting in so much time and energy with little to no results. I’m just over the moon that my staff & peers are finally receiving the applause they deserve after years of tireless work creating an industry changing product. 


I’ve had family stop believing in me, staff leave because of the problems within our industry, but all that mattered was that my passion and self belief never stopped, the energy and fire inside me never burnt out.


May 2020 be the year that credibility and trust is built back into this amazing industry & opportunity.

And before I leave you guys to take all of this in, I just wanted to mention one last thing! IYF Trading is giving any individuals who have previously been scammed a completely free educational account with www.iyftrading.com so we can show you that trading online is an amazing opportunity if you choose the correct provider! Let’s install faith back into this skeptical industry…